Welcome to the web-site of the breeding cattery "TAVALOGA",
dedicated to the native Russian breed - Siberian Cat.

    In 2021 our cattery are expected:

1. Siberian kittens Traditional lines WITHOUT  Neva Masquerade in the                    pedigree (ONLY for traditional breeding).

2. Siberian kittens Traditional colors WITH Neva Masquerade in the pedigree.

3. Neva Masquerade Kittens.  Follow information on our website.


We are glad to welcome you to our web site of cattery TAVALOGA -

one of the largest cattery of Siberian cats in Russia!

The cattery TAVALOGA has been working with the Siberian cat for over 12 years, since 2007. Officially, TAVALOGA catteryis registered in the World Cat Fediration system (WCF Germany) in January 2011.

On the website of the cattery of Siberian cats Tavaloga you can get acquainted with the excellent representatives of the Siberian breed of cats. You will see Siberian males and Siberian females of a wide variety of colors: traditional wild patterned, traditional solid colors, as well as “non-traditional” colors "Siberian color-point cats" (“Neva Masquerades”).

You can see our breeding Siberian Males and breeding Siberian females on the pages Males and Females.

All breeding siberians of TAVALOGA cattery are checked for genetic diseases of the kidneys and heart (PKD & HCM), as well as every year all Siberian males and females  are checked for viral diseases: Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Coronavirus (FeCоV) and others. Our breed cats, as well as their ancestors tested for blood type.

With all the test results of our cats, you can see on the page Health.

Siberian kittens and Neva masquerade kittens of the TAVALOGA cattery are always loved, raised, trusted by a person. Kids move to a new family, being fully vaccinated and socially adapted.

On the Siberian Kittens page you can choose and buy a Traditional Siberian or Neva Masquerade (Siberian color-point) kitten. .

How our kittens grow, you can see by visiting the site page - Graduates.

You can get acquainted with the Founder of the TAVALOGA cattery - Siberian male Baks Crown of Siberia, as well as with the Siberian males and females that previously participated in the breeding work of the TAVALOGA cattery, and made an invaluable contribution to its development, you can meet on page Veterans and Premiors.

Our descendants live in various countries around the world.
Our Siberians have excellent pedigree data that is consistently transmitted to offspring. Our cats, as well as their descendants are regular participants and winners of exhibitions of various systems in different cities and countries, with the victories at exhibitions of our cats you can find in the section Exhibitions

If you are interested in these stunning beauty and harmony of cats and you want a similarly dedicated, kind, charismatic Siberian beast to appear in your home, we are waiting for you!

Sincerely, Team of TAVALOGA cattery.